About PM ― Partnership
PM Gloves - your professional partner for gloves

Since PM Glove’s inauguration over three decades ago, we have continually focused on researching and developing new generation gloves which can satisfy the needs of all our customers and meet glove users’ current and future needs. In order to reach this goal, we foster close communication and cooperation with our customers and suppliers, helping us to not only to learn the consumers’ preferences, but also to understand the up to date regulation requirements in different regions as well as future trends. Based on market feedback and data, our professional team develops products with our knowledge of the industry and our raw material suppliers’ help to meet these needs of our partners. This special spirit of teamwork has become a core value of PM Gloves and has created a work environment whereby chemical producer, material supplier, and glove distributor are all linked to the end user through a functional partnership.

However, this partnership goes beyond just our supplying of gloves to consumers around the world. We also offer full range services in the glove supply chain. We offer such services as private labeling, marketing, package design, logistic support and products education. PM Gloves is eager to work with our partners to provide safe, high quality, and comfortable personal protection products to our global community.